Set your produce department apart by offering your customers a completely customizable Organic offering.

At Heartland, we believe in maintaining the integrity of Organic produce. That’s why we are completely USDA Organic compliant and are a certified handler of Organic produce. We pack a full line of trays, pouch bags and clamshell products in our Organic Indeed branding.

Why Organic Indeed?

  • Due to the demand of our Organic products, we’ve recently expanded our repacking area by 8,000 sq feet and have dedicated specific packing days to Organic produce.
  • Reduce shrink, along with increasing shelf life by utilizing various pack styles.
  • Our pack styles are all scannable and easy to track for monitoring Organic sales. This allows you to manage your pricing and ensure Organic purchases go through the register.
  • Smaller case pack sizes allow for faster sell through, purchase what you need to make your Organic section fresh, while remaining profitable.
  • “Grab & Go” convenience of packaged produce creates impulse purchases in your Organic produce section.
  • Implement a fully customizable Organic program in your department. Give your customers the best of what’s in season, while also providing them with a unique variety of Organic items.