Compliment your conventional assortment of produce by utilizing our convenient value-added packaging in Fresh Indeed branding.

Maximize sales through a full line of packaged trays, bags (pouch/mesh) and clamshell products. As our Fresh Indeed brand has grown, so has our packing capabilities and repack facility.

Why Fresh Indeed?

  • Our very first item to be packed in our Fresh Indeed branding was our Canadian mushrooms from Highline. We knew these mushrooms were definitely the quality our customers deserved.
  • We offer a complete lineup of bagged citrus options, we not only pack in standard cases but large display bins as well for seasonal promotions.
  • Rainbow and Stoplight peppers are always a great value-added option. These pack styles are perfect for your customers when they are looking for multiple colored bell peppers.
  • Cucumbers, zucchini and yellow squash look stunning in our trays packs. Our flow wrap machine guarantees a perfect fit.
  • Flow wrapped tray packs make it easy to sell those interesting items such as baby eggplant, habaneros, turmeric, etc.
  • We pack our own grape, cherry and medley tomato pints from our Grower partners at various times of the year. Pouch bags of roma tomatoes are also available for those customers looking for a grab & go option.
  • Looking for something not listed here, we do custom pack styles for our customers.